This is the blog of a relatively ordinary 40 something mother of 3, step mother of 2… and my adventures in coming back to ME in all my messy, whimsical,insane glory.

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  1. Hi Pam. I laughed so much when I read your latest post, because it sounds soooo like me. I dont have children but the love of notebooks and pens etc are definitely me. I CANNOT walk past a stationery store, If any are on sale, well thats just fine and dandy. I will buy more. I think stationery is the most beautiful thing in the world, stickers, tape, pads, pens, crayons, I have drawers full of paper notebooks and could survive for 10 years without needing to buy another one… I am just getting into Bullet journalling and trying to find the format that suits me best.
    Thanks for the chuckles. Di.

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