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Preparing for a new bullet journal

Preparing for a new bullet journal

As luck would have it, my current bullet journal book is coming to an end just as the calendar year ends.

Maybe it is serendipity. Maybe it’s just luck. Either way, as the calendar and the sunlight tick down, so does the available space in my current journal. I currently have 5 pages left in the pocket sized Moleskine  that I have been using for my bullet journal, which is roughly 2 more weeks (will take me up to December 20th, and the book I want to move into (Hobonichi Techo Cousin) doesn’t have weeklies until December 28th, and the dailies don’t start until Jan 1…

Evolution of my journal - current layout

Evolution of my journal – current layout in my pocket (A6) sized Moleskine Grid

Hobonichi Techo Cousin

Hobonichi Techo Cousin A5 

If I leave things the way they are going, I will have a week of time (and the BUSIEST week of my year) where I won’t have a planning book. If I start a new book for only a week before I move into the Hobonichi, it might be wasted. I could choose to use multiple books, but I’m not sure if I can keep up with all that…

So I am faced with trying to decide what it is that I am going to do for my next bullet journal and/or planning system for the new year. Right now, i’m pretty undecided as to how I am going to do this, and if I am going to stick with ONLY bullet journalling, or if I am going to try to maintain multiple systems.

Planning has been a part of my life for… well, MOST of my life.

I have always had a strong need to write things down. I have always kept lists and schedules and planners. I have also kept journals most of my life. I’ve always kept my schedules/planners separate from my journals; journals were always very private and involved thoughts and feelings, whereas my planners and schedules just involved what I needed to get done and the events that I needed to remember that I’ve scheduled.

Starting in January 2015 I have decided to try using a modified bullet journal/journaling system in a Hobonichi Techo Cousin. Considering my last bullet journal was a personal (about A6)/pocket sized Moleskine, this A5 size (twice as big) will offer me a lot more space. As well, not having a way to index or catalog collections will be somewhat hard to adjust to.


I have considered having both a home system and a portable system. Right now I have both the passport and regular size Midori Traveler’s Notebooks, which I have been using as my journal for the past month. While I like having a separate journal from my daily logs and tasks, a place a bit more private, I would like being able to detail SOME of the thoughts and feelings that come from my days. I am considering moving to a 3 book system – 1 schedule, 1 journal, 1 bullet journal. The schedule would be contained in my Hobonichi, the journal would be in both the Hobonichi (events, details, logging) and the Midori Traveler’s notebook (regular), and the bullet journal could be kept in the Passport sized Midori…IMG_3624

I love having so many choices in my writing, planning, journalling life… although it can be a little overwhelming to have so many things to keep up with…

What sort of system do you like to use? Do you use a combination book (journalling and planning/scheduling and art in one) or separate books for different things???

Hey there big world

Hey there big world
Hey there big world

Welcome back!

I’m still struggling to find my “voice” in all of this. It has been a very long time for me (3 or 4 years) since I was an active blogger, and I am still trying to get into writing and posting pictures and sharing more of what I do and who I am with the world. Since I don’t really SELL anything, and I’m not exactly an EXPERT on anything, I sometimes feel like I don’t have anything really relevant to say to anyone on the internets. But, I have a domain name and time (now that my youngest is getting older and likes to play by herself a bit more) so I figured, why the heck not?

Years ago almost all of my writing and creative works were online — I was an avid online Diarist. I wrote compulsively on sites such as Open Diary (now defunct) and then I branched off into my own websites and blogs.

But life got in the way.

First I had G (now 15)… and then I had P (now 12)… and then I went through a divorce from their father which took a lot of my “oomph” and self-confidence and left me feeling wordless. I took a few confidence bombs in my career, and for a bit there it just didn’t seem like I was going in the direction that I wanted to go.

And then I decided to turn things around.

I bought a condo on my own. I started applying to courses to try and get back into a field of study that was more interesting to me. I started dating again. I took my kids on our first (and so far ONLY) vacation to DisneyWorld. I moved in and got married to my current husband, and we blended our families. And then I had S (now 3)…

There has been a period of time since S was born where things reverted a bit to the “not so great” side of things. I got pretty sick with infection in my breast quite soon (7 days) after she was born and so our family had a rough start for the first 3 months while I recovered my strength. When she was 6 months my father passed away from complications of lung/bone cancer and diabetes which further depressed me. And off and on I have continued to struggle with panic attacks, anxiety and depression.

I felt that maybe, just maybe reaching out and writing about my life MIGHT help me now like it did way back in the day when I wrote out how I felt. Little by little I started to reach out to other people who were like me — people who journaled and created and wrote, who loved pens and ink and books and making a bloody mess doing it all. And I started to see that there were others out there who loved the things I loved and shared the things they shared, and were ACCEPTED for who they were.

So… I thought I would try blogging so I could share MORE about myself than just a picture snapshot of my journals. I thought I would create an online space for the things I love and that I realize that OTHER people love too…

So, without further ado…

Hi there! I’m Pam and I am a pen nerd and paper geek. I am a wife. I am a mother and a step mother. I work full time outside my home doing something that I like, but which doesn’t spark much passion in me. I love to create, but I’m a bit “eh” about cleaning up the mess afterwards. I have over 100 blank books, and always the desire to get more. Every time I see new pens — from the cheap ballpoints to expensive fountain pens — I itch to buy them and test them out. I love lists and pictures and writing and colour. I quilt, sew, embroider, and have been known to knit and crochet on occasion.

I am Canadian, and I hate snow (laugh). I am Pagan, but I am very quiet in my beliefs. I love to learn about different view points and religions, traditions and languages, but I hate being asked about my own (so other than me saying it here, I may not mention it often). I am of Irish/Scottish/German descent. I am actively learning Gaelige (Irish) and French. I have been doing Irish Céilí dancing for 6 years now.

I love coffee, and wine. I prefer red wine to white wine, but I will drink either if the mood strikes me. I love dark chocolate.

I spend my days working on MS Excel documents. I have 2 bachelor degrees — Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Commerce in Production/Operations Management — and I am seeking a way to get into a Masters of Commerce program (preferably in Project Management) so that I might someday move out of Administrative work. I love solving problems and analyzing data, but I am not terribly interested in doing the data entry part of it all…

So… that’s a bit about me… maybe someday I will learn a bit about you…